You may own your own business,
but you’re never alone.

Your success is our success. Even more important, it’s our clients’ and candidates’ success. That’s why training and ongoing support are top priorities at Patrice & Associates. You’ll get everything you’ll need to learn the business, feel proficient, and when you follow our time-tested system, achieve results.

Did you know nearly 90% of Patrice franchise owners have no experience in the recruiting and staffing industry? Have little to no experience in the industry we’re most known for—Hospitality—and are first-time business owners? No worries! You’ll get all the training you need and more.

Your success will be based on your ability to get up every morning and follow our time-tested system which you will learn thoroughly. It will be based on your willingness to have conversations with clients and candidates, build relationships and help others succeed. This is about caring for others and helping them discover their next GREAT career opportunity or their next GREAT hire.

Your Patrice & Associates training roadmap

Imagine all the training, support, ready clients, ready candidates, collaborative franchisee community and administrative support wrapped up in a package that’s a recognized brand for less than an $80,000 investment.

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But there’s a process and there’s a system and a structure that exists. You just have to follow it. Well, you don’t have to. I mean if you want to buy a franchise and not a proven process, that’s your choice. Dumb choice but whatever. It’s like buying a Chick-fil-A franchise and deciding you’re gonna start selling tacos. No, follow the system.

Hez Butler

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