I’m not sure if I should pursue a job or invest in a franchise. Isn’t franchising risky?

We once thought going to work for a company and staying until you get your retirement pension was a great way to plan for the future. In today’s world, employers are less loyal especially in volatile industries and economies. There is no guarantee that if you get a job you’ll keep it for more than a few years. While there is risk in any franchise investment, there is also risk in staying in the job market as well. And where there is risk, such as investing in franchising, there is also reward. The best way to build your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity is by taking control of your own destiny. And one of the better ways to do that is through franchising, where you have a recognizable brand name, a proven operating system and the great training and support of a franchise. And with Patrice & Associates you also have mitigated that risk because of all clients we provide our new franchisees.  We provide an instant business from day 1 of training so cash flow is faster than starting your own business.


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