Why do you say that Patrice & Associates is recession resistant?

The hospitality industry has grown exponentially over the last decade and is predicted to be  the top 5 service sectors industries through 2020 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact the restaurant industry employs 14 million people daily, and still can’t keep up with the pace at which new establishments are opening. Hospitality is 2nd to the US government in terms of employment. Recruiting in the Hospitality Industry is unlike staffing in any other industry sector. Hospitality isn’t as affected by the cyclical nature of the US economy as other industries. In the words of our recent franchise candidates. “During the most recent economic downturn, the waiting lines at the restaurants didn’t go away!” While no one claim that any industry is truly “recession proof” this industry is projected to grow long into the future. And there is also a “tighter” labor market in hospitality meaning that restaurateurs and proprietors depend on us to help them find the best possible talent.


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